Sloth Bots

Here you can find out a little bit more about our own server bots.

Sloth Bot

I'm a custom, verified & official bot designed exclusively for The Language Sloth server, which is a Discord Partnered language learning community. I was created and currently being maintained by Yago Michalak aka DNK, and I'm constantly being updated and improved, with the help of the server members with their ideas and suggestions, and with the help of the Analyst and Debuggers team.

sloth reading a book

Sloth Games

A bot made for custom interactive games, singleplayer and multiplayer. Well-known by The Language Jungle game, a game in which you have to guess the language of a random audio sample played by the bot.

sloth reading a book

Sloth Quest

Upcoming bot that is being developed to work as a story game based on the user choices.

sloth reading a book


A bot made for word declensions, verb conjugations and words in context.

sloth reading a book