Centish is a constructed language created in 2021 by Yago Michalak aka DNK, one of the admins of our server, based on a mix of Romance languages.


Centish currently has 8 different conjugation tenses, and all conjugation forms are exactly the same for all sujects.

It's important to know that all verbs in their infinitive forms end in -der, and you can replace that with another tense's conjugation stem.

Nevertheless, if the verb without the -der stem ends with a vowel, you just drop the -er from it to make other conjugation forms

Take here a look at an example:

Verb: To love

Tense Conjugation
Infinitive Mahneeder
Present Mahneed
Present Continuous Mahneedhin
Past Mahneedbu
Imperfect Preterite Mahneedvi
Future Mahneedfu
Conditional Present Mahneedza
Imperative Mahneed'mayn