Centish is a constructed language created in 2021 by Yago Michalak aka DNK, one of the admins of our server, based on a mix of Romance languages.


Let us talk about the Centish language, this language was created on August the 18th, 2021.

Regarding the etymology of words created in the Centish language, it is mostly based on Romance languages, adding an extra touch of imagination to make it more unique. This language was first intended not to be grammatically difficult, therefore all verbs are conjugated exactly the same way for all subjects, changing just a tiny bit in other tenses, which is done by simply attaching the respective suffixes to the verb's present tense form.

Although it was intended to be Romance-based, with a few features of Germanic languages, spoken Centish does not sound much like a Romance one. It sounds more like a Slavic or an Eastern European language, and it may be due to the fact that it relies a lot on the ecclesiastical pronunciation, also with minor tweaks for the sake of it.

Hopefully, as the time goes by, this language will develop itself enough to the point that it becomes a fully functional language, so people can actually use it to talk about a vast range of subjects, without lacking any major meaning, detail, aspect or important feature of the commonly known well-developed languages that are out there already.

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